Walking vs riding, what will get you to your goal faster?

Coaching helps you find the best path.
 Mentors will advise you to ride the same as they ride.
A therapist wants to know why you chose the bike.
 A consultant will direct you and then will leave.
The coach will ask the “what” and “how” questions

Sounds funny, right?

But more than one coach has used this analogy to describe what coaching is and is not. In life you can walk or ride to your destination. You will get there quicker and with less stress if you rode instead of walked, right? Especially so if you have a motivating and supportive guide to explore options with, someone who points out a potential new path and then let’s you decide on the way to go.

Before you know it, you’re discovering new directions and pedaling toward an exciting destination with the wind in your hair and sun on your face. (Don’t forget the sunscreen) This differs from a Consultant who tells you where to sit and where to put your feet and when to pedal when to brake and then leaves you on your own. In addition, a Therapist explains why it is important for your self-esteem or psyche, for you to ride the bike to be successful. A Mentor shares with you their experience or expertise of cycling. And advises the most effective way they’ve found to ride.

A mentor will tell you how they rode the bike; a coach wants you to find your own unique way to ride the bike

A coach listens to your desire to try riding.

The coach asks you if you need instructions on how to ride and asks where you might get them. The coach asks you to decide the color or kind of bike you’re want to ride. The coach runs along side the bike “checking in” to see if you’re enjoying the experience and asks what might make it more fun. The coach might ask about your experience and what was valuable, and whether or not you want to pursue mastery of bike riding. If you do, the coach helps devise a plan where you can attain that mastery. If you don’t, then the coach may help you devise a plan to sell the bike.

A Coach will help you reach your destination faster.

The coach helps you to master riding the bike, or helps you to sell it if you are ready to move on to something new.