“I’m so glad that I had Judith on my life path. I had a terrible moment in my life.
I’m so grateful that I had the chance to have Judith to help me through that moment of adversity. She was there to listen and to support me. I really was down and now I’m up and Judith is part of that change.”

– Virginie from Belgium

I want to thank Judith for guiding me on my path to self belief.
The change in my inner self over the past has been amazing.Although born a positive person Judith has taught me how to expand on this attribute.
I have learnt to open my eyes to my surroundings, be aware of things I say and how I say them and to look for the good in all.
There is so much more to us than we give ourselves credit for and I believe Judith has this ability to set one on the path of self belief and fulfillment

– Amanda East Sussex

I was trapped in a glass bubble looking out at the world.  I could see how everyone around me seemed to be living happy fulfilled lives. I couldn’t make this happen for myself.  Nobody noticed my suffering. Judith was the first person who really heard me.  

She looked into my glass bubble and asked me “What is the worst possible thing that could happen if you came out of your glass bubble”? This question stopped me in my tracks! The answer was, “Nothing”.  It was this one thought provoking question that opened up a whole new world for me.

Through Judith’s gentle approach, always focusing on my needs and  reminding me it was my session and not hers  I was able to gain more clarity and work through any issues I was having.  There are no words to describe how grateful I am for this life changing experience!  

– Alex Michigan

Judith  has been an outstanding  business mentor and adviser for the staff at Amethyst.  I first hired her as a Leadership Coach but the relationship grew into an  ongoing mentorship and she offered expert guidance to not only me, but to my staff. I couldn’t recommend Judith more highly. Her enthusiasm and and sense of humour along with her business expertise was a breath of fresh air!  She was an inspiration to all of us at Amethyst.

– Managing Director
 R. Gardiner 

  I was unsure about engaging a coach and mentor, but I soon found that I was starting to think differently and approaching my future in a more positive and thoughtful manner. Judith helped me with a new business strategy that would enable me to earn a 6 figure income.


After our first few sessions with Judith we fine tuned what I had already created  and together we came up with a way to re-brand my business. She gave me the tools I needed and started me thinking about how I was going to actually market myself to the real world.  I have never looked back!

– JH London
 Managing Director 
J.A.L. Designs

Judith Lowe is an amazing coach. I found her coaching style to be warm, encouraging, and empowering. Through asking the right questions at the right time, she helped me to gain valuable insights and achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Judith as a transformational life coach!

– Rachel Loock

 Judith is a skilled coach and a resourceful mentor. Her supportive style makes her a valuable cheerleader and a reliable accountability partner. She has the ability to listen with the heart transforming your coaching journey into a memorable one!

– Rossella Pin (CPC, PCC)
Transformational Coach, Change Management Mentor,
Director Italian Program @ International Coach Academy

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